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Women in Business: Networking

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Course Overview

In today’s world, networking is absolutely essential to the success of any lawyer, but it is a particularly powerful tool for women in business. Effective networking is a vital means of procuring the best opportunities, building collaborative support systems, and cementing the success of your business. Knowing how to network well and what good networking can do for you is a non-negotiable aspect of ensuring entrepreneurial success.

In this exciting course, we will dive into the ways networking and women’s empowerment goes hand-in-hand, exploring the many benefits of networking both in-person and online. With principles of collaboration and group achievement in mind, we will unpack the relationship between networking and confidence building, support structures, brand management, mentorship, and knowledge sharing.

Through a series of real-world, African case studies and personal reflections this course will help you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of networking and why women’s networks are crucial for developing a successful career in law;
  • Explore different theories, techniques and methods for building professional and personal networks; and
  • Discover how social media tools can globalise and diversify your professional networks.

This course will reveal how to take stock of and trust your strengths while building your professional network in a way that is mutually valuable and supportive.

Is this course for you?

This course is aimed at women in the business of law who are looking to enhance their personal approaches to networking and develop their personal brand. The skills and perspectives discussed on the course are targeted at uplifting all women in law across Africa. It is an opportunity to share your own experiences and begin to develop your professional network across the continent.

Your Course Instructor

Nataliey Bitature

Nataliey Bitature

Chief of Staff at The Simba Group

Nataliey Bitature is currently the Chief of Staff at The Simba Group, an East African group of companies spanning hospitality, energy, telecom, real estate and a foundation. In this capacity, she oversees operations, impact and partnerships across these sectors within Uganda.

Nataliey is also the founder of Musana Carts, a social enterprise which builds solar-powered street food vending carts, and HER, an online mentorship platform. She has been recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30, The World Bank, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum as a business leader and innovator.

Passionate about learning, Nataliey has multiple executive education certifications including a Master's in Social Entrepreneurship and an Honorary Doctorate in Business and Innovation.

This course is developed in partnership with HER

HER is a women’s empowerment platform providing information, opportunities, and inspiration for working women. You’ll find carefully designed online courses where every woman can access resources to unlock their potential and transform lives.

You’ll find courses in personal growth, career development, life, business, and more, all prepared and presented by Dr Nataliey Bitature.

For more information on the HER courses and how they can benefit you in your career, please visit the HER website

This course includes:

  • 60 minutes worth of learning with resources for additional study.
  • Discussion forums – meet colleagues from around the world and start to build your professional network.
  • Real-world case studies and scenarios – you will learn by example and have the opportunity to experience real-world scenarios in applying your learning.
  • Option to save data – switch off the video and download or read the transcript.
  • Ability to access this self-paced course wherever and whenever it suits you.

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    Who should take this course? 

    This course is aimed at law students, graduates and junior lawyers in Africa.

    How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The course should take you about one hour, not including optional activities, discussions and extra reading materials. Once you are enrolled in the course, you can work through the content at your own pace. Feel free to access any part of the content at any time.

    How do I access the course?

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